Pediatric dolutegravir 10mg dispersible, scored tablets (pDTG)

Tools and resources to support national HIV programs, implementing partners, and community advocates in decision-making regarding pDTG implementation.

Building on the 2020 World AIDS Day announcement on the pediatric dolutegravir 10mg dispersible, scored tablets (pDTG), CHAI is pleased to share a set of resources to support national decision-making on and implementation for the soon-to-be-available optimal product. Please contact with any questions about the resources listed here.

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Featured Tool: CHAI ARV Benchmark Price Comparison List

Provides the latest ARV pricing

Featured Resource: CHAI pDTG Implementation Memo

Guidance to adopt and implement pDTG for national programs

pDTG Resources for Healthcare Workers

Including training curriculum and job aides

Featured Tool: CHAI ARV Benchmark Price Comparison List

This tool provides Ministries of Health and other partners with the latest pricing of ARVs. CHAI’s ARV Benchmark Price Comparison List consolidates the major price lists for key ARVs and helps highlight the differences between the price lists and the purposes that they serve. This resource was recently updated to reflect the latest pDTG approvals and the pricing agreement that resulted in a ceiling price of $4.50/bottle of 90 tablets (Ex-Works). Further details can be found in the link below.


Featured Resource: Implementation Memo

This memo lays out the critical information national HIV programs need to know when adopting and implementing pDTG, including a summary of the WHO guidelines, recommended dosing, latest market intelligence on supply availability and pricing, administration best practices, national implementation considerations, as well as frequently asked questions:


Product Adoption Resources

CHAI's pediatric DTG 10 mg Dispersible, Scored (pDTG) resources help countries in creating the best plan for pDTG introduction and transition:


Pricing, Quantification & Monitoring Resources

Tools, guidance, and resources to support countries with budgeting, conducting quantification and supply planning, and monitoring uptake:

Press & Announcements

Announcements, press releases, and articles related to updates on pDTG.

Additional press surrounding the pricing announcement was covered in Le Monde, CNN, New York Times, Reuters, The Telegraph, and AfricaNews, among others.

A goal of this toolkit is to stimulate conversations between government, partners, and communities on new product introduction. Please feel free to share any thoughts, questions, or additional resources for consideration by contacting us via email at any time:

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