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CHAI National Stock Status Dashboard

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Keeping an adequate stock of ARVs on hand is important for multiple reasons. Too much stock, and programs run the risk of products expiring before they can be used. Too little stock, and programs run the risk of a stockout and patients going without vital medicines. Monitoring the stock on hand (SOH) of ARVs is an exercise that programs should conduct on an ongoing basis to ensure that resources are being used wisely.

The CHAI National ARV Stock Status Dashboard is a simple tool designed for programs to monitor the SOH of ARVs at the national level. The tool shows, over a two year period, when stocks are likely to exceed maximum stock levels (i.e., potential wastage) and when stocks will dip below minimum required levels (i.e., an impending stockout), based on user-inputted current SOH, expected deliveries, and average monthly consumption (AMC). Watch a webinar featuring the National Stock Status Dashboard.

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