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CHAI Simple Tool Adults & Pediatrics

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The CHAI Simple Tool is a morbidity-based forecasting tool that quantifies ARV needs over a three year period for an HIV/AIDS treatment program. There is a separate tool for Adult ARVs and Pediatric ARVs.

The following pieces of information are necessary to complete an forecast:

  1. Current patients on ARV treatment

  2. Treatment targets

  3. Distribution over regimens

  4. Pediatric weight band distribution (For Pediatric Simple Tool)

  5. Required security stock

  6. Drug prices

  7. Central stock inventory

Outputs for this tool include:

  1. Demand for each formulation over next 36 months, taking into account current stock and timing

  2. Total cost

  • Access the English tool here

  • Access the French version here

  • Access a training video (in English) here


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