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F&Q Software: Quantimed & PipeLine

Developed by John Snow International (JSI), PipeLine is a desktop software tool that helps program managers plan optimal procurement and delivery schedules for health commodities, and monitors their orders throughout the supply chain. PipeLine helps track rate of use, total quantity available at all storage and health care facilities, total amount of losses (due to expiry and damage) and delivery timelines. With these data, PipeLine can be used to decide when to order new products, identify potential shortfalls, surpluses, and stockouts so remedial action can be taken and to forecast future needs.

Developed by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Quantimed is designed to improve the accuracy of order planning and budgeting by providing a systematic approach to organizing and analyzing data. Quantimed facilitates the calculation of commodity needs using either a single method or a combination of any of the three primary quantification methods: past consumption, morbidity patterns, and proxy consumption..​



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