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CHAI Rapid Consumption Monitoring Tool

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

As national programs continue to rollout new generic ARVs, there is a need for routine, careful monitoring of product uptake to ensure the smooth and sustained adoption of optimal formulations. During new product initiation in country, there are two common issues that may arise: overconsumption (i.e., actual demand exceeds anticipated demand) and under consumption. (i.e., actual demand lags anticipated demand).

The CHAI Rapid Consumption Monitoring Tool is a simple tool for programs that have begun to rollout new ARVs to compare the actual consumption of a new product at the facility level against forecasted uptake trends in the hopes of identifying any potential issues of under consumption or overconsumption. Below are two outputs of the tool: 1) consumption trends by drug by facility and 2) a facility overview across all drugs:

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