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CHAI Briefs on Updated WHO Guidelines

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In March 2021, the WHO published new clinical and service delivery recommendations for HIV prevention, treatment, and care. In April, the WHO also released updated recommendations on service delivery for the treatment and care of PLHIV. These recommendations are informed by new evidence and were released independently of the full Consolidated HIV Guidelines to support rapid use and access by ministries of health and other stakeholders.

Four briefs from CHAI summarizing the latest clinical guidance for HIV prevention, treatment, and care - including supporting evidence and high-level considerations for adaptation and implementation - are linked below to support initial program planning and national-level discussions on guideline adaptation. Please keep an eye out for more briefs coming in the near future.

  • HIV Prevention: This brief outlines the evidence and considerations for use of the dapivirine ring as an additional HIV prevention method.

  • Timing of ART: This brief includes evidence and considerations for rapid initiation of ART among infants, children, and adults with TB.

  • POC Testing: This brief summarizes recommendations on the use of point of care (POC) testing for infant diagnosis and viral load monitoring and includes references to CHAI-supported work that informed this guidance.

  • Treatment monitoring: This brief includes the updated treatment monitoring algorithm and high-level considerations for interpreting, adapting, and implementing the new algorithm.

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